Could A Direct Sale of Your Savannah House Be Right For You? Check out This Article for Some Helpful Tips.

What you may not know, is that there are multiple ways to sell a Savannah house. While many people immediately seek the help of an agent, there are other, more cost-effective ways to sell your house. For example, you could choose to carry the note yourself or sell the property directly, without the help of an agent, which is what we will cover in our latest post!

The bottom line is that it pays to educate yourself about the options you have, especially with respect to the advantages of doing a direct sale.  It is important that you don’t sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent until you learn a few things about the conduct of a direct sale, and the implications for you, the homeowner.

Realtor Commissions – Not Paid in a Direct Sale

If you conduct a direct sale to a professional homebuyer such as Bluff Pointe Properties, you (aka, the seller) are not obligated to pay any realtor fees, or commissions.  This is because agents are not required in the transaction, hence the term “direct sale”.  If an agent is used by the homebuyer to draft the purchase agreement, the homebuyer will cover the costs of the realtor fees…this will not be passed on to the seller.  When you don’t have to pay the realtor fees, you are saving up to 6% on the sales price of the house (6% is the standard commission on a house sale for the Savannah area).  For a house worth $100,000 this equates to $6,000 in realtor fees that are paid by you, the seller…not having to pay those fees can save you a lot of money.  Click here for a comparison of a direct sale vs. using an agent.

No Clean-Up Or Repairs for a Direct Sale

When you work with a realtor and decide to list your Savannah property on the MLS, you’ll like have to conduct repairs to your house to get it ready for the sale (most retail buyers, aka buyers searching for homes on the MLS, prefer not to have to make extensive repairs to a house after they purchase it).  Having minor items that need repair can degrade the value of your home in the eyes of a seller.  If a home has not been upgraded in a long time, numerous small repairs can start to add up to an expense much higher than initially anticipated.  Furthermore, after making the repairs, you will have to spend money to get your house cleaned up, organized, and potentially even spend money on storage of some personal items so visitors can walk through your house.  If you’re selling your house on the MLS, it can certainly make sense to make repairs and do a thorough cleaning, but the expenses can really add up over time, and should be taken into account when thinking about a direct sale.   Professional homebuyers conduct all repairs after the sale, so you don’t need to worry about them (see pics below).  If interested in a direct sale, click here for more information.

Before Renovation by Bluff Pointe Properties
After Renovation by Bluff Pointe Properties

Your Terms When you Conduct a Direct Sale

One of the good things about working with a professional homebuyer like Bluff Pointe Properties is that you can set the closing date on a day that’s best for you.  We have a lot of experience buying homes, and can purchase your home very quickly since we don’t rely on traditional financing methods (aka, conventional loan through a retail bank).  We either use our own funds, or have established lines of credit through lenders that specialize in working with professional homebuyers.  If a fast direct sale doesn’t make sense for you, we can also accomodate such circumstances….the bottom line is we can set a closing date that makes the most sense for you.  If you need more time to find a new place to live, or move your things out, no problem.  We’re glad to work on your timeline, since we know that moving can be a stressful time, and that challenges often emerge during the move-out process.  At Bluff Pointe Properties, we want to make that transition as easy as possible for you.  Click here to learn some more about our company’s founders.  I think you’ll find that they are genuinely interested in assisting homeowners, no matter the circumstances.

A Fast Sale Will Save You Money

If you are interested in a fast sale, selling to a professional homebuyer is an excellent option since it significantly reduces the amount of money you pay while waiting for a sale to close after listing on the MLS.  If you conduct a direct sale to a company like Bluff Pointe Properties, you can complete the sale of your house in a matter of weeks.  When listing on the MLS, the sale usually takes at least a couple months to close, and sometimes more.  During this time, you’re stuck paying the mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance, and other costs.  You may also be paying for lawn service, pool service, and even pest control services.  All these costs combine every month to create a fairly large expense for the homeowner.  Reducing the amount of time it takes to sell your home can save you large amounts of money associated with these holding costs.  If interested in a fair offer for a fast sale, click here.

A Direct Sale Offers Guarantees, While A Listing Does Not

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to buying and selling properties. Deals fall through every day. Banks often take longer than expected to fund a loan. When you list, you are in essence living in limbo until the closing papers have been signed. An agent can list your house for any price you want, even if it has been inflated in order to get you to sign a listing agreement. There is NO guarantee that you will get the price you ask for when you list your Savannah house! With a direct sale, you will know both the exact date and amount you will walk away with. This will allow you to plan ahead without having to deal with the unknown!  Click here to learn about how a direct sale works with Bluff Pointe Properties.

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