Jon Erwin (Owner) With His Wife and Two Children

Hi, I’m Jon. I first moved to Savannah in 2009 for a military assignment. Shortly thereafter, I met my wife Megan. Megan and I got married in 2015, and we have two children; our son (Braden) just turned four this past January, and our daughter (Madison) will be two in February…we love them to pieces! Megan and I could not be happier to call Savannah home.

Savannah is a fabulous Southern city with lots of charm and plenty of things to do. Our favorite activities include:

-Going to Tybee Beach

-Strolling the beautiful squares in historic downtown

-Letting the kiddos explore the wildlife at Oatland Island

Furthermore, there is just so many new and exciting things happening in Savannah: the new Plant Riverside District, the on-going Eastern Wharf development, the concerts and sporting events at the new Enmark stadium, and much more. Most importantly, we just love the people here in Savannah. We’ve made so many great friends from all parts of the city, and we’ve found Southern hospitality to be alive and well here in “The Hostess City of the South”. Interestingly enough, our families have been so impressed with Savannah that some of them have joined us here too…and I see that trend continuing!

Megan and I live in Southside Savannah, specifically the Coffee Bluff neighborhood (our home is just a short walk from the Coffee Bluff Marina).

Coffee Bluff is an amazing place to raise a family – there are lots of young families with kids, quiet streets to walk or ride a bike, and the nearby Marina has a playground and a little convenience store where the kiddos love to indulge in some ice cream. Coffee Bluff is also ideal for us due to its proximity to the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern (Megan has worked there since 2008 as the Director of Campus Recreation).

As an added bonus, the completion of the Truman Parkway extension has made it VERY easy for us to access downtown, Thunderbolt, the islands, and the beach…thank-you City of Savannah for finishing that project just a few years back!!!

Megan and I look forward to spending many more years in Savannah and firmly establishing our roots in this city that we’ve now called home for almost 15 years. The phenomenal sense of community that permeates all Savannah neighborhoods makes Savannah the perfect match for our family.

Jon’s Children, Braden and Madison
Jon Co-Founded Bluff Pointe Properties With His Twin Brother (Chris)

I co-founded Bluff Pointe Properties with my twin brother. An interesting tidbit about us is that my mom didn’t know she was having twins – she thought she was just having one baby boy. Somehow, the technician missed the second baby during two separate ultrasounds…that’s a pretty big miss!

Chris and I have a deep respect and appreciation for the wonderful city of Savannah…we have found the architecture, culture, history, geography, and especially the people to be truly one-of-a kind. We love helping people, and we love real estate, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to do both here in this fabulous southern city.

Chris and I are similar in a lot of ways, but we certainly have our differences too. I focus the majority of my efforts on engaging with our customers and understanding their needs. I also spend time coordinating with the numerous other professionals and vendors that we regularly work with, to include attorneys, agents, lenders, appraisers, designers, contractors, and suppliers.

On the other hand, Chris is very business savvy due to his experience owning and operating his own consulting business. Chris has developed a detailed understanding of the real estate markets we operate in, and is a smart home-buyer with a lot of experience conducting real estate transactions.


What People Think About Us

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At Bluff Pointe Properties, we help GA, SC, and NC homeowners find convenient solutions for selling their property. We delight our customers by giving them an easy sales process and placing their needs first.


Bluff Pointe Properties is the company of choice for GA, SC, and NC homeowners looking for a convenient solution to sell their property. Homeowners enjoy working with Bluff Pointe Properties and are 100% satisfied with the outcome of every customer engagement. Bluff Pointe Properties is recognized by GA, SC, and NC leaders as an outstanding business with an exceptional reputation for community service.

Where We Buy Homes

At Bluff Pointe Properties, we’re proud to be based in Savannah, GA with a second location in Southern Pines, NC…but our service is not limited to these areas. Due to our experience, we have expanded our services to include a variety of locations throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

No matter where you’re located in these areas, we’re ready to offer our expertise and help you sell your property quickly and easily. Simply fill out our form or give us a call at 912-299-7747 to get started!

GA, SC, and NC counties we operate in include:

Chatham County, GA

Effingham County, GA

Liberty County, GA

Bryan County, GA

Bulloch County, GA

Glynn County, GA

Screven County, GA

McIntosh County, GA

Long County, GA

Jasper County, SC

Beaufort County, SC

Richmond County, NC

Montgomery County, NC

Randolph County, NC

Moore County, NC

Lee County, NC

Chatham County, NC

Wake County, NC

Harnett County, NC

Cumberland County, NC

Hoke County, NC

House We Purchased That Had Some Deferred Maintenance

Selling a home on the open market (i.e., listing with a real estate agent) is not always the most convenient method for a homeowner. This is especially true when dealing with complicated circumstances such as foreclosure, probate, title issues, unwanted rental properties, homes needing repairs or clean-out, and rapid re-locations due to taking a new job. In such circumstances, selling a home off-market to a reputable buyer can be the ideal solution. When selling off market, home-owners can significantly reduce their stress since they can sell their home in as-is condition, on a flexible timeline, and don’t have to pay the usual 6% in realtor commissions for homes sold on market…this last point can be a huge cost saver for the average home-owner!

At Bluff Pointe Properties, we’re committed to finding solutions for home-owners that meet their needs, no matter the circumstances. Sometimes, life events compel home-owners to sell their house at inopportune times, and Bluff Pointe Properties is ready to work with GA, SC, and NC homeowners that find themselves in those situations so that homeowners can sell and maintain peace of mind.

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